Today we watched several videos that offered us motivation for integrating technology into our teaching. Unlike some of the other groups, I actually liked the video we were assigned for the jigsaw activity. It’s called “A Vision of K-12 Students Today” and here it is:

One thing I really enjoyed about the video was that it featured students and they were addressing us, their future teachers. The main message from them was, “Engage me or else you will lose me.” I found this to be pretty powerful. There was no actual talking on the video which might have been intentional. I felt like I was being told that talking at students is not the way to engage them. They learn best when they are allowed opportunities to actually create a product. Then not only are they learning the core subject, they are also learning critical thinking and analytical skills that they are going to need in the 21st century. Additionally, they can take ownership and pride in knowing that they have created something authentic and interesting.

The use of hands-on activities and alternative assessment are points that are discussed in a paper I wrote on my personal philosphy of education. This paper can be found under my Philosophy page.

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