Unpacking Standards

Today we learned about unpacking standards. Here is my attempt at unpacking a 7th grade Life Science standard:

Unpacking Activity

Virginia SOL: LS.12 Students will investigate and understand relationships between ecosystem dynamics and human activity.

Unpacking Standard:
Verbs (How students will accomplish this standard): Investigate, Understand
Nouns (What students are required to know): human activities, ecosystem dynamics, relationships between the two.

Bloom’s Taxonomy:
– Define- global warming, greenhouse effect
– Identify- major causes of the greenhouse effect including anthropological sources of greenhouse gases.
– Analyze- relationship between concentration of greenhouse gases and global temperatures.
– Construct- a graph showing the relationship between years and temperature.
– Compare- results of above graph with graph of concentration of carbon dioxide over a number of years.
– Infer- relationship between the two graphs.

Essential Questions:

1. How do human actions contribute to the phenomena known as the greenhouse effect and global warming?
2. What are some of the implications of global climate change?
3. How can we alleviate the situation?


– Students will work on a graphic organizer in small groups and brain storm some causes of climate change.
– Students will use Excel to create graphs.
– Students will compare the graphs they generate with other graphs and infer relationships between them.
– Students will create a product summarizing the key points learned in the unit.
– Students will reflect on what they have learned and comment on each other’s projects.

– Webspiration- for graphic organizer
– Excel- for creating graphs and analyzing data
– Class blog- for sharing projects, reflection, and sharing comments
– Voice Thread or PhotoStory- for creating the final project
– Discovery Ed- used by teacher to find educational videos
– Diigo- for sharing sites that can be used in research for project

6 thoughts on “Unpacking Standards

  1. Hi Nastaran,

    Nice work with your standards lesson. You clearly outlined your objectives, essential questions, and ways in which you would use technology.

  2. You have a lot of ideas for strategies and technology! You had a good breakdown of Blooms Taxonomy that showed how each verb would be applied to the lesson. The technology part will make it a lot of fun too!

  3. This looks really great Nastaran. I really like how everything is categorized and organized. Nice job!

  4. I really liked how you identified all of the different Bloom’s taxonomy words and how they would apply to your lesson. I think using Diigo to let the students share links is a great idea! I might have to use that 🙂 Nice job!

  5. I think you clearly unpacked the standards in a way that even 7th graders would understand. I really like how you detailed Bloom’s Taxonomy and specified what students would be doing in relation to the topic. I also think you will use technology effectively and will make great use of some of the new sites we learned about.

  6. Your standards activity was extremely detailed and easy to follow and read. If another teacher was trying to follow your plans and decipher exactly what the kids were supposed to learn, they would be able to do it easily. Great job!

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